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Downstream recycling partners

If you need an account of asset disposition activity for financial reporting, to demonstrate compliance with data security regulations or to prove lawful disposition of e-waste, Cascade can provide a flexible and affordable solution.

We create mutually beneficial, ethical and loyal partnerships with our downstream processors

Cascade contracts out for certain recycling and hazardous materials processing of equipment we generate from our demanufacturing and other processing activities. As a Certified E-Stewards Recycler, we not only need to ensure Cascade is safe and responsible with how we handle electronic waste, but we need to verify that all our recycling partners meet the rigorous standards of the e-Stewards processed to ensure no hazardous e-waste is dumped on developing countries or processed in a manner that is unsafe to human health and the environment.


All of our downstream processors that handle hazardous electronic waste must meet the following minimum standards. Cascade also performs on-site audits of all these processors to ensure they provide evidence of their conformance to our environmental, health, safety, security and compliance requirements.

  • Maintain a reviewed environmental management system to reduce environmental impacts;
  • In compliance and in good standing with all applicable regulations and requirements;
  • Operate a secure facility and maintain control over inventory to prevent theft and data breaches;
  • Hire, train and develop capable and trusted employees;
  • Provide a safe work environment for staff and visitors;
  • Track equipment throughout the process and provide auditable reports on disposition status;
  • Ensure all equipment sent for processing can be managed for physical destruction so that no whole units are resold for their original intended purpose;
  • Prevent the disposition of hazardous waste (including circuit boards, CRTs, fluorescent lamps and batteries) to non-OECD countries for shredding, treatment or handling in any way;
  • Open to sharing information about downstream processors;
  • Do not use prison labor or below-minimum wage labor or contract with any firm that would do so to process equipment;
  • Be financially stable;
  • Share a commitment to improving business value through an engaged partnership;
  • Maintain a closure plan with adequate financial assurance to cover the processing of inventory in the event the business is unable to do so;
  • Hold at least $2 million insurance coverage for operations, including Pollution Liability Insurance and Property and Casualty coverage;
  • Be open to audits and unannounced visits by Cascade to verify compliance with these requirements; and,
  • Established for at least 5 years (or owners have at least 5 years industry experience);

Cascade itself is ISO 14001 Certified and is e-Stewards Certified. We also follow the requirements for NAID Certification. We expect all processors and partners under contract with us to meet the applicable requirements of these standards, though they need not be certified in these standards themselves.

If you are able to meet our requirements and would like more details on partnering with Cascade for demanufacturing services, please contact us:

John Sorrel Weakland
Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator


Neil Peters-Michaud