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What’s it Worth?

Do you have an IT Asset Disposition project coming up? Let Cascade provide you a free estimate and see if we can generate some income for you. Contact us today!

Estimating the Fair Market Value of your Assets

When you allow us to resell your equipment, we share a negotiated percentage of the cash resale price with you. We share exactly what’s gained, with accountable and transparent resale processes. You deserve to receive a fair return for your used equipment and we’ll make sure you receive it.  By working in partnership with our customers, we increase the resale value of collected equipment to benefit us both. 

Our refurbishing staff test, evaluate, clean and perform repairs on collected equipment to improve its resale value.  Cascade’s reputation in the marketplace is strong (our customer satisfaction rating is better than 99.8%), allowing us to get paid more for the equipment than if you were to sell it on your own.  Our resale team markets this equipment through a wide variety of retail and wholesale channels, including our own online store (CascadeMarketplace.com), reserved for employees of our customers, as well as our public eBay stores.  Cascade has resold tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment in the past sixteen years and splits this revenue with our customers. 

Estimating the value of typical IT products:

Cascade resells hundreds of thousands of laptops, desktops, monitors, smart phones, tablets and printers each year.  Generally, prices are consistent and predictable within a reasonable margin of error.  Our historical research indicates the price of a typical used IT asset in good working order declines by 3.5% per month.  So, if you purchased a laptop for $1,000 three years ago, you can expect Cascade will resell it for about $277 exactly three years later (see graph).  While historical averages indicate a generally predictable decline, there may be specific events that greatly influence resale values, such as major economic downturns, change in currency value, and displacing technology.

To give you a sense of how this loss in value impacts an asset retired 36 months after purchase compared to 48 months after purchase, we've develop this simple value forecasting calculator.

To use this tool, enter the initial purchase price of your asset. Then enter a depreciation rate (we recommend entering "-3.5" to calculate a 3.5% depreciation rate per month.) Then enter how many months until the item is set for disposal.

Note, the calculator shows the value of an asset sold in Grade A, tested working condition with a warranty. Cascade performs refurbishment and support to help get these values for our clients, and then we share a percentage of this resale value with our customers in the form of a rebate.

Current resale value ranges received for typical used, working IT equipment
as of March 2020

Desktop Prices (by Processor Type):
Core2Duo: $8 - $10
Core i3/i5/i7 (1st Gen): $15-25
Core i3/i5/i7 (2nd-3rd Gen): $30 - $45
Core i3/i5/i7 (4th-5th Gen): $60 - $115
Core i5/i7 6th Gen. $ 135-175

Laptop Prices (by Processor Type)
Core2Duo: $10 - $15
Core i3/i5/i7 (1st Gen): $20 - $30
Core i3/i5/i7 (2nd-3rd Gen): $25 - $60
Core i3/i5/i7 (4th-5th Gen): $85 - $125
Core i5/i7 6th Gen: $150-250

LCDs (by Grade and Size)
Grade A (used, no defects)
21in - $15
24in - $20

Grade B (Cosmetic or small blemishes, but still functional)
21in - $10
24in - $15.00

Printers (HP)
LaserJet 4050 - $8
LaserJet 4100 - $10
LaserJet 4250 - $25
LaserJet P2015 - $10
LaserJet P1606 - $30
LaserJet P4015 - $45
LaserJet CP4025n - $60

Smart Phones
iPhone 5s: $20 - $30
iPhone SE: $30 - $40
iPhone 6: $40 - $50
iPhone 6 Plus: $75 - $95
iPhone 6s: $50 - $65
iPhone 6s Plus: $75 - $85
iPhone 7: $100 - $110
iPhone 7 Plus: $150 - $160
iPhone 8: $175 - 200
iPhone 8 Plus: $250 - 260

Samsung Galaxy S4: $6
Samsung Galaxy S5: $10 - $15
Samsung Galaxy S6: $40 - $50
Samsung Galaxy S7: $90 - $105
Samsung Galaxy S8: $125 - $140

* note, Cascade customers receive a percentage of the actual cash resale price paid to Cascade for resold equipment. Learn more about our revenue sharing and rebate program.

Estimating the value of unique IT products:

When you have unique or potentially high value items you would like Cascade to consider for sale, let us know ahead of time.  We want to work with you to coordinate a process to maximize any recovery value while ensuring the items are processed in a safe and secure manner.  Contact a Cascade Sales Respresentative at info@cascade-assets.com or toll free at 888-222-6208 and we will gather information to help determine:

  1. Data sanitization requirements – if we are unable to guarantee a secure removal of data from any specialty device, we will let you know. We may also coordinate with you on resources to ensure proper data sanitization.
  2. Testing considerations – some items require special hardware, software or power needs and we will inform you of any requests to ensure the equipment can be properly tested for reuse.
  3. Resale markets for products – we have our own network of specialty equipment buyers, but please let us know if you want us to market this equipment to anyone in particular for you as your agent.
  4. Potential resale value – we will let you know if we’ve sold a similar device before and what value we fetched for it.  If we’ve never sold the item before, we will give you an idea of a potential resale price range and will commit our best efforts to getting this price for your product.

If you decide to allow Cascade to process these unique items, we will keep you informed of our progress (and any questions that might arrive) as the equipment is collected, inventoried, tested, and put on the resale market for resale.