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Technology Asset Disposition Contract with Premier

Contract #PP-SV-218
Term: May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022

Cascade Asset Management (“Cascade”) is now contracted to provided comprehensive computer, electronic media and other office electronic asset disposition services to all Premier member organizations throughout North America.  As a NAID and e-Stewards Certified Recycler, you can be assured that Cascade provides the highest level of service, security and environmental responsibility available in the industry. 

"While researching an asset management company to dispose of old equipment at a site in a different state, I came to find out the services and cost savings associated with that equipment were far superior to any third party/OEM vendor I had found. The staff I was involved with during the process made it absolutely painless. I'll be sure to use Cascade again."

- Brad Iverson, SSM Integrated Technologies (Premier Member).

Our Value to Premier Members:

  • Save money on disposal
  • Earn revenue from the resale of equipment
  • Reduce risk associated from improper destruction of patient data from computers
  • Meet environmental sustainability goals.

Service Overview

  • Onsite deinstallation, data destruction, inventory and packaging services
  • Pick-up of equipment from any location in North America and inside buildings by Cascade staff
  • Inventory of assets to meet company reporting requirements
  • Destruction of all data on computers and electronic media (disks, CDs, hard drives)
  • Preparation of equipment for reuse or recycling
  • Disposition reporting and revenue sharing
  • We accept a wide range of products, from mobile phones to desktop computers to data center equipment to decontaminated medical devices - see our list of acceptable products

Ordering Service
To set up services for your organization, Contact Cascade by emailing info@cascade-assets.com or calling, toll free, 888-222-8399. We can let you know whether your organization is already set up with a contract through a parent organization, or we can help you create a contract in alignment with the Premier contract terms.

Premier has negotiated special volume discounts with Cascade. Depending on the amount of work performed, you can receive up to a 23% discount off Cascade's standard pricing.

Why it's important to securely and responsibly recycle electronics:
Not all electronics recycling is the same. Some people claim to recycle electronics, but they just pick out what they can use and ship the rest to countries who pull out what they can use and dump the rest. Premier has actually made a commitment to the safe and responsible recycling of electronics through its pledge as an e-Stewards Enterprise. By processing equipment through Cascade, Premier's environmental compliance requirements are met. In addition, by processing equipment in the United States using a comprehensive security process to overwrite and remove corporate and customer data, Premier members are able to fulfill its HIPAA privacy protection requirements, and other corporate data security requirements.

Cascade has also developed specific resources for healthcare clients, to help them manage particular concerns related to patient privacy protection, HIPAA compliance, and the variety of electronic devices they generate in their facilities.

Note: This contract replaces contract PP-IT-104 in effect from 2013-2015 and CC-IT-003 running from 2016-2019. Pricing and terms are similar. Cascade is the only vendor on contract with Premier that offers NAID security certified and e-Stewards Responsible Recycling certified IT Asset Disposition services - a testament to our ability to provide quality and valuable services to Premier members.