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Protecting Asset Value

With our repair and refurbishing program to maximize recovery values, and asset management services to help reduce disposition costs, our customers see added value when working with Cascade.

Value has many meanings for our clients. Cascade works to reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT assets and recover value from processed equipment.

Value Discovered through Manual Inspection
Our Safe & Sound® process begins with manual inspection using well-trained specialists able to identify items with resale value. Our technicians put the latest diagnostic technology to use, repairing and rebuilding your retired assets, making sure all equipment is presented with best use alternatives


Value Realized through Aggresive Resale
Cascade creates higher return value through the aggressive and transparent resale of your equipment. We have a team of full-time dedicated resale agents utilizing a growing number of channels designed to help maximize resale value.


Cascade pays you based on the actual market value of equipment and not the speculative value. We share exactly what’s gained, with accountable and transparent resale processes. You deserve to receive a fair return for your used equipment and we’ll make sure you receive it.


Value Beyond Today
Cascade’s Safe & Sound process creates value by preventing the undesirable loss of data and protecting against unwanted environmental threats, safeguarding our clients’ reputations for years to come. Cascade seeks the highest resale value for a client’s used technology, while providing an equitable rate of return.