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IT Asset Disposition Trends and Best Practices

Survey Demographics, November - December 2018

Cascade collected data for its 2019 IT Asset Disposition report using an online survey of its active institutional customers and enterprises. The survey was administered through email via SurveyMonkey. It included 31 questions used in the benchmarking report and an optional set of questions about satisfaction with Cascade. The survey took about 15 minutes to complete. A total of 402 people (listed at the primary contacts for the account) were sent an email invitation to complete the survey on November 24, 2018 and three reminder emails were sent. 133 individuals opened the email request and 55 people completed the survey due to the email request. In addition, a mailer was sent to more than 200 of these individuals asking them to complete the survey. That generated another 13 responses.

Overall, 68 people completed the in-depth survey, resulting in a 15.4% survey completion rate. According to “Survey Gizmo,” external surveys will generally receive a 10-15% response rate. While this may not seem like great participation, this year's survey participation is on the high end of average rates . . . As an incentive and thank you for completing the survey, respondents could choose to receive a box of artisan chocolates or to donate $25 to a food pantry.

2019 benchmarking report demographics - role of respondents
2019 benchmarking report demographics - industry representation

2019 benchmarking report demographics - employee count
2019 benchmarking report demographics - workstation distribution