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IT Asset Disposition Trends and Best Practices

A report by Cascade Asset Management - 2021

Read the press release about the Report

Cascade presented more details about the research at a Webinar hosted by IAITAM, Tuesday, January 19th. Check back for the recording of the webinar (posting soon).

This 7th annual IT Asset Dispositon Benchmarking Report provides information and research on security, environmental, and financial issues related to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and the more general IT Asset Management (ITAM) discipline.

As a benchmarking tool, we encourage you to use the information to help understand how your ITAM/ITAD program compares to others and how you can further improve your systems to better attain your desired outcomes. Information contained in this report was generated from:

  • Survey Results
  • Cascade’s annual benchmarking survey polled U.S. enterprises collectively representing over 270,000 employees from 16 different industry segments.

  • Processing Data
  • We evaluated more than 560,000 assets processed by Cascade for IT asset disposition in 2019 and 2020

  • Market Research
  • ITAD research and industry trend analysis