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Protecting the Environment and Human Health

Cascade's Indianapolis facility was recognized for excellence in safety and health by the INSHARP program which provides "recognition, rewards and ongoing support to small Hoosier employers that operate exemplary safety and health management systems. Learn more here.

Environmental protection means more than just following the law. It’s about doing what’s right... always. Cascade’s process is built to exceed the highest environmental standards set today by local, state, and federal governments providing our clients with the highest level of assurance for tomorrow.

Our Environmental Policy

Cascade fundamentally believes in the importance of environmental sustainability and social justice and promotes it through our business by:

  • Optimizing the resource potential of electronic assets from the time they are retired by our customers until they reach their next best use;
  • Preventing the exports of Hazardous Electronic Waste throughout the Recycling Chain which violate international laws, treaties, and agreements;
  • Integrating social accountability values within our organization and through our partners, including the explicit prohibition of prison operations, child labor or forced labor used to perform any work related to Cascade ; and,
  • Committing to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and compliance with applicable environmental regulatory requirements.

Measuring Environmental Performance
Cascade tracks the environmental impact of our IT asset reuse and recycling activities and provides environmental benefits reports to our customers to help them demonstrate the positive impact of their good decisions for IT asset disposal. In 2015, our reuse and recycling efforts collectively reduced carbon emissions by more than 8,055 tons (compared to if these electronics were landfilled.) Click on the image to the right for more details about our impacts.


Compliance with the Law
Complying with all federal, state, and local regulations is a top priority at Cascade. We monitor compliance issues and regularly conduct downstream compliance audits to ensure all requirements are met. We also work with customers to make sure they are aware of compliance requirements to keep their asset disposition safe and legal. Cascade has compiled a list of legal and other requirements related to environmental protection for others to use to help guide them in ensuring their programs meet legal standards.

Safety Programs
Cascade implements and manages health and safety programs to help prevent acute and chronic injuries associated with electronics refurbishing and recycling. From ergonomics programs to prevent injuries from repetitive motion to air cleaning and control systems to capture dust and hazardous vapors generated in the disassembly process, we focus on keeping our staff and visitors safe. Cascade invites in the OSHA Consultation program to perform compliance reviews of the facility to help identify opportunities for improvement. Also, as part of the e-Stewards Standard, we implement a wide array of hazard assessments, including air monitoring for hazardous metals, to ensure our programs exceed regulatory requirements to keep our staff safe.


Items bound for recycling are separated into over 50 commodity streams from aluminum to zinc-carbon batteries. This high degree of separation produces superior recovery yields.Learn more about our recycling programs.

Refurbishing and Reuse
A large portion of incoming equipment is refurbished for resale – extending the useful life of electronics and offsetting the demand for new equipment in some markets.  Parts from recycled machines are also harvested to repair and upgrade other machines, thereby maximizing the useful life as much as possible. Refurbishing services include "return to lease," donations, and resale to generate rebates for you.


Cascade's Environmental Management System has been independently certified by accredited certification bodies to the highest industry standards. These third party auditors provide you with additional assurance that we act to improve our environmental performance and protect the planet.


  • ISO 14001 Cascade’s environmental management system has been ISO 14001 certified since 2007. This has required the company's facilities to undergo annual on-site audits to assess conformance to this standard and a demonstration of continuous improvement in environmental performance. A copy of our current ISO 14001 certificate is available for review.

  • E-Stewards Certified Recycler
    Cascade is among the first companies to receive the title Certified e-Stewards Recycler. This comprehensive audit process samples all of Cascade's operations, processes and people to ensure compliance with this demanding standard that works to prevent the export of hazardous e-waste overseas, protect worker health and safety, and ensure customer data is protected. More details on the program are available on Cascade's web site or at www.e-stewards.org.

Green Building
Cascade has adopted many green building features at its facilities. Take a tour and see our 100% reused carpet, incorporation of natural lighting, office furniture made from sustainable materials, and many recycled content features. Click here to view our full summary of the Madison Headquarters green building project.


Sustainable Development
Cascade is helping to build a safe and effective infrastructure for electronics recycling in Ethiopia.  Our CEO has visited the continent on five different occassions to help build a government sponsored electronics demanufacturing center in coordination with the US EPA, World Bank and StEP program. Learn more about this initiative in Ethiopia.


Supporting Responsible Legislation in the U.S.
Cascade is a member of the Steering Committee for the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling, which is actively working to enact legislation to restrict the export of hazardous, non-working electronic equipment that is better managed in the U.S. The group is calling for simple export controls that promote the development of a sustainable electronics reuse and recycling industry in the U.S., prevent the dumping of hazardous e-waste in developing countries not suited to process this waste, and limit the opportunity to reimport counterfeit chips and parts used in products brought back into the U.S. for technology and security applications. Learn more about how you can support Responsible Electronics Recycling Policy.


Resources for You
To learn more information about electronic reuse and recycling and how you can set up your own sustainability programs, select from the links below or contact us for more information.

  1. Self Audit Packet - this 45 page+ document provides a thorough review of Cascade's permits, programs, and policies related to Environmental, Health, Safety, Quality and Security. Contact a Cascade representative for details.
  2. Relevant Environmental Regulations
  3. Description of Cascade's Compliance with Regulations
  4. Presentations on electronic waste
  5. Links to External Web Sites (news stories, environmental groups, government resources)
  6. Cascade's Blog related to environmental issues