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About the GSA Schedule for IT Asset Disposition with Cascade

Cascade provides simple, compliant, and cost effective IT asset disposition and recycling options to federal agencies through our GSA contract.

Contract #GS-10F-190BA, valid through June 30, 2024

We understand that choosing an IT asset retirement partner is a significant decision. As a federal agency, you are also subject to special requirements related to the secure and environmentally responsible disposition of electronic assets and must comply with GSA Bulletin FMR B-34 “Disposal of Federal Electronic Assets.” Cascade can help!

Cascade is recognized as a national leader in responsible IT asset management, having been twice listed on the Gartner North American Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition. More importantly, we have earned the trust of our clients, which is the essential component of our IT asset retirement process.

Our value to government agencies:

  • Maximize value from recoverable equipment;
  • Minimize handling, compliance and reporting costs;
  • Meet data security requirements for the agency;
  • Meet environmental regulation requirements for the agency;
  • Integrate easily with existing disposal processes; and,
  • Improve the agency’s ROI on IT assets.

ITAD services for federal agencies using the GSA contract

Cascade will collect and transport IT assets owned by federal agencies and will process each agency’s IT assets in our Madison, WI or Indianapolis, IN facilities for secure and responsible disposition. Received assets are sorted, inventoried, evaluated for reuse or recycling, cleared of all data and corporate identification using NIST 800-88 compliant wiping (one pass on hard drives), tested and repaired for resale (if possible), and demanufactured for recycling. Agencies have a choice as to how equipment is processed for disposition in accordance with their internal requirements.

Teaming arrangements with Prime Contractors that benefit them and the taxpayer

Cascade can also partner with Prime Contractors servicing federal agencies through Seat Management or IT leasing programs by providing them with a convenient, secure, and compliant means of disposition that can generate significant revenue to offset purchases of new IT equipment by the federal government using the Exchange/Sale Authority of FMR Part 102-39. Cascade also helps contractors meet their small business and minority spend goals due to our status.

A full service IT Asset Disposition Company

Cascade is a full-service technology equipment retirement company. We own the infrastructure and provide the professionals to ensure your sensitive and valuable surplus IT assets are processed properly.

On-site Asset Disposition: Our professional, security screened staff can de-install computer equipment, sweep facilities for sensitive electronics, move data centers, wipe or destroy media on site, inventory assets and pack equipment for removal. Pick-up and Transport: From our processing centers in Wisconsin and Indiana, we can provide a secure chain of custody and remove surplus assets from a desktop or dock for organizations throughout the Midwest and across the country using our own fleet and background checked employees. We can also facilitate shipments with qualified third party contractors.

Data Security: We protect your corporate identity by destroying all markings and sanitizing all data from reusable hard drives, solid state devices, smartphones and other data bearing devices to the latest NIST 800-88 compliant standards or to legacy DoD 5220.22-M standards. Tapes, diskettes and damaged hard drives are shredded and destroyed. We guarantee legal and responsible disposition of your equipment and have the insurance and closure guaranty to back us up.

Audit Tracking: We track the disposition of all equipment we collect and report back to you through our own online “Cascade Tracker” portal. Our processes are ISO 9001 Quality Certified to ensure consistent and efficient service delivery to our clients.

Test, Refurbish and Resell: Our technicians perform diagnostic tests and repairs to maximize the resale value and rebate returns for your marketable equipment and components. We resell equipment through an extensive network of national and international channels, and can also manage return to lease, product take-back, redeployment, employee sale, and donation programs.

Environmentally Responsible Recycling: As a Certified e-Stewards Recycler, we are independently audited to the most stringent requirements for environmental, health and safety standards in the industry.

Ordering Service

To set up services for your organization, Contact Cascade by emailing gsa@cascade-assets.com or calling, toll free, 888-222-8399. We can let you know whether your organization is already set up with a contract through Cascade or a partnering Prime Contractor, or we can help you create a new agreement in alignment with the GSA contract terms.

GSA has negotiated special volume discounts with Cascade. Depending on the amount of work performed, you can receive up to a 9% discount off Cascade's standard pricing. See details on the Cascade's GSA Advantage listing.