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Employee recycling events

We help manage the entire recycling event process and may be able to get you a discount through our state recycling programs.

Recycling Your Employees’ Computers and Electronics – a benefit to your company and employees

Individuals (in most states) are exempt from regulations that require businesses to treat most electronics as a hazardous waste.  By providing a convenient option for the proper management of unwanted computers, you can assist individuals who want to “do the right thing” even though they are not required to do so. 

And since more and more employees perform work on their home computers, it’s in your firm’s best interest to make sure these computers are properly collected and the information on them destroyed.  We find companies see computer collection events an important way to protect their corporate identity, while being a good corporate citizen.


Resources available from Cascade
As your partner in IT asset retirement, we want to be a resource for you not only in processing and handling the computers and other electronics from your employees, but in helping you plan, organize, and execute the collection event. From resource guides to templates for promotional materials, Cascade has developed a toolkit to help with many types of collection programs. We also are available to consult with your planning team to ensure the program is a success.


Experience brought by Cascade
Cascade has hosted more than a dozen collection events itself bringing in over 370 tons of old electronics, and has participated as a processor for many more municipal collection events through relationships with our partners. Cascade is a regular participant in national workshops to help other communities plan collection events through the Dell and National Recycling Coalition grant award program. We enjoy collaboration and developing new options to keep computer equipment out of the landfill in a win-win situation.


Cascade supplies it all
Cascade can make it easy for the sponsoring organization by providing all of the supplies
and staffing necessary to make a collection event work. Services we provide include:

  • All packaging equipment (carts, pallets, and boxes)
  • Material handling equipment (pallet jacks and dollies)
  • Trucks (to transport the equipment to Cascade)
  • Signage (to direct employees to the collection site)
  • Safety Equipment (from safety cones to vests for workers)
  • Check-in station (tables and supplies to help people through the process)
  • Staff (to help unload vehicles, collect payments (if requested) and answer questions)