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Remote Deployment Team

Our Remote Deployment Team comes to you - any location across the United States. We perform on-site asset disposition services in a convenient and secure fashion.

Delivering Cascade’s Quality Solutions to Your Site

Cascade created its Rapid Deployment Team (RDT) out of frustration of a lack of trusted, quality on-site deinstallation, packaging and hauling options available for our customers’ valuable and sensitive IT equipment. With our experience logging millions of miles and tens of thousands of hours in local pick-ups in the Midwest, we created the RDT solution for clients with sites throughout North America.

The Rapid Deployment Team is a group of Cascade Field Technicians who have been specially trained to safely and efficiently handle the collection and packaging of sensitive IT assets. They are also able to be sent to customer sites across the continent with very little notice. When they are not working at customers’ sites, they are either performing local collections or processing activities at one of Cascade’s facilities.

What Makes Cascade’s RDT a Better Solution for You?
While moving companies are available to package and haul away equipment as well, the people they send to your site might treat a sensitive device like a computer the same way they handle boxes and furniture. How many times have you received a broken monitor from UPS? Our RDT provides its own specialized packaging and takes great care in protecting your assets during handling and transit. We know how and we have an incentive to be careful, since we may share revenue with you from the resale of any of these assets. Our RDT team is also more efficient at packing your IT equipment than your own staff or moving companies and may cost you less in total project time required to complete your tasks.

Cascade’s RDT staff also provides better security for your company and the personal information on your computers. All RDT staff undergoes criminal background checks and drug screens. Many are also DOT certified (which is required for hauling work). They have been trained in Cascade’s high standards for data security to protect our customers’ identity.

RDT Staff Capabilities:

  • Quick deployment to any site in the United States
  • Desktop de-installation of computer equipment
  • On-site asset inventory
  • Hard drive sanitization (electronic)
  • Hard drive physical destruction (crushing)
  • Solid State Drive destruction
  • Media degaussing
  • Equipment packaging
  • Staffing employee recycling events
  • Other specialized services that shouldn’t always be trusted to third parties