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On-site wiping services

If you need assurances data is destroyed before it leaves your site, and you want to preserve media for reuse, Cascade may be able to help with our on-site wiping capabilities.

On-Site Hard Drive Wiping Provides Assurance Data is Destroyed

For customers who have high data security needs and valuable equipment that can generate resale returns, Cascade offers on-site data wiping services. Our trained technicians will come to your site, set up a bay of wiping stations, perform overwrites of hard drives to any standard, perform a detailed discovery of the units including an electronic capture of each drive’s serial number and wipe result, and leave with you an electronic and hard copy Certificate of Destruction and detailed Disposition Report listing each asset processed. Cascade can then remove the wiped hardware and process it at a facility for either reuse or recycling.

Why would a company use this on-site service?
If your organization has a policy requiring all data to be removed from equipment prior to leaving the building, and your equipment is less than four years old, this program will probably benefit you. If the equipment is older, Cascade can physically destroy the media on-site at an economical price. If your policy allows a qualified third party to destroy information off-site, then Cascade’s standard Safe & Sound process will work as well.

The benefits of using Cascade’s on-site wipe:

  • If you have your IT staff managing the data wiping process now, you’ll save money by working with Cascade. Our wiping tools are the fastest in the industry (saving you time and money), and you can direct your IT professionals to projects that create more business value in your organization.

  • For public companies and other organizations requiring accountability in reporting data security processes, Cascade’s independent and certified data wiping program provides reliable controls and documented proof of compliance with privacy rules.

  • If you are relying on cheap labor or volunteers to wipe your data, you are likely to be at risk with potential data breaches. Cascade’s professionals have wiped more than 3.5 billion gigabytes of data and have liability protection in place in case of data breaches. If you care enough to have an on-site wiping policy, then it is important to invest in the best.