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Benefits of an IT Asset Disposition program with Cascade

Here are some reasons why it's important to properly manage your IT Asset Retirement program with Cascade as your vendor

When you make an investment in responsible asset disposition, it's important to understand the justifications for your decision and the benefits it brings your organization. Whether it be a positive Return on Investment (ROI), a reduction in risk, or added convenience, we want you to be confident that your work with Cascade creates specific and demonstrable benefits to your organization.

The alternative to working with Cascade may seem cheaper in the short term, but we have evidence to show that the upfront cost represents a small part of your overall investment and it may set you up for more expenses in the long run.

At the same time, we understand that Cascade is not the best option for every situation. It is important that any organization or individual looking to retire their assets find a provider that matches their security requirements, service needs, commitment to the environment, geographic footprint, and ability to manage the type of assets they generate. It's all about the fit - and when the provider matches well to your needs, then you can expect them to perform well for you.

Below is information about the value Cascade provides to its clients.


  Cost Savings and Value Generation

Cascade pays customers for working IT assets

Since Cascade opened shop in 1999, we've paid clients more than $17.5 million dollars in rebates generated from the resale of their equipment. We sell mobile phones, desktop computers, data center equipment, laptops, monitors, audio/video equipment, printers and more.

Other companies may pay you outright for certain equipment "as-is." This speculative purchasing program assumes that some items may not be working and these brokers and buyers hedge their bets on your equipment by buying it at a discount. Cascade's revenue sharing program means both parties benefit when you generate reusable equipment and Cascade has a shared interest in making you the most money possible. Learn more about our refurbishment and resale program.


Clients with a regular refresh program often pay Cascade nothing for their asset disposition program

Cascade has a number of clients who regularly refresh their computer equipment every three to four years and work collaboratively with Cascade to maintain the functionality and value of those assets at the time of retirement. While Cascade still takes the "good and the bad," the value generated from the resale of reusable assets can more than cover the cost of pickup, inventory, data sanitization, reporting, refurbishment and recycling services. Companies also find that the adoption of a managed refresh program lowers their Total Cost of Ownership of the assets as well.

Learn more about how a well managed asset lifecycle program, coordinated with Cascade's asset disposition services, is the best way to reduce your IT asset costs.


Cascade is transparent and fair in our fee structure

Unlike many other electronics recyclers, Cascade doesn't bury its costs in broken promises. Since there is a cost to pay for our trucks and fuel to pickup your equipment, or pay our staff to perform processing activity, or cover license fees for data sanitization software, etc., there is a need to recover those costs. Cascade lets you know what each service costs so you can choose what you need. If you don't need inventory, we won't charge you for it. If you don't need a 3-pass wipe on your hard drives, we won't charge you for that either. And if we sell your equipment for any amount, we share a percentage of that resale price with you.

Cascade is in this for the long haul, so we've built our business on fairness, trust and transparency. Other companies are charging you to cover their costs, even if they are buried in reduced payments to you for your equipment. With Cascade, you can be confident you are always getting a fair deal.

It's often cheaper to outsource ITAD than to manage it yourself

Gartner and other market research groups have publicly stated that the typical cost to manage IT Asset Disposition internally is far greater (around $100 per asset) than if you were to hire a professional firm like Cascade to do this work. The reasons are simple: Cascade has the access to markets, test equipment, trained technicians, and other resources that is focused on one thing only - getting the most value for our clients.

In addition, Cascade has the credentials and certifications that help protect your liability interests and brand. Our NAID and e-Stewards certifications require our employees and processes meet much higher processing standards than any one inside or outside our industry. Cascade can take care of the complex and challenging asset disposition process so that you can focus on your core competencies.

Each year, we strive to be more efficient, increase our ability to refurbish and resell equipment (which generates more value than recycling), and find the best markets for our processed materials. Despite increases in health care costs, utilities, labor and supplies, Cascade has kept our fees for services relatively flat and actually reduced our customers net costs by over 27% in 2015 compared to 2014 through increased rebate offsets.

So what does it generally cost to process your assets? That's dependent on a lot of factors, such as security requirements, service needs, whether the items can be resold or items must be securely destroyed, etc. But to give you a ballpark idea, we tell people to budget $10/employee per year for all your asset disposition costs, some or all of which can be offset through rebate revenues from resold equipment.


  Protect your reputation and stay out of trouble

The average data breach costs $3.79 million - avoid this cost with Cascade

Cascade is the last defense in your effort to protect and destroy data on electronic equipment maintained by your organization. You probably already spend hundreds of dollars each year on malware protection and security programs for each data bearing asset in your possession. For about $10 per asset, Cascade will perform a final data sanitization or physical destruction of your media to ensure it never ends up as a costly data breach.

Even if you never have a data breach, you may be liable for not having effective controls in place to protect patients or consumers if you don't have an agreement in place with a legitimate processor. In 2016, the US Department of Health and Human Services will be auditing Covered Entities and the FTC will be auditing financial firms to make sure they have a process for destroying data on retired devices. Cascade can help you meet this requirement and ensure compliance with these privacy protection regulations.

There are numerous examples of data breach incidents when firms don't have a good program in place for data destruction. Cascade has a comprehensive solution to make sure your data are destroyed and reputation is protected.

Cascade keeps your reputation out of the dump

You may have seen the news stories in 60 Minutes or Frontline about the dumping of e-waste in developing countries, but there are also cases of dumping of hazardous e-waste by U.S. firms as well.

Cascade's e-Stewards certified and ISO 14001 registered environmental management system creates layers of protection for human health, the environment and your reputation.

Our company is deeply committed to environmental responsibility and social justice, which means going above and beyond compliance to do the right thing, all the time. Our excellence shows through our exemplary safety program (recognized by the State of Indiana), our clean environmental record, our leadership in setting new standards in e-Stewards, and our sustainability efforts around the world, We are happy to show you our facility and share our very detailed Self-Audit packet that contains all our operation details.


Cascade's customers consistently give us extremely high satisfaction ratings. In surveys of our customers since 2003, 86.3% of customers say they are "very satisfied" with Cascade and 12.6% said they were "satisfied". As an ISO 9001 Quality certified company, Cascade is committed to understanding and meeting customer expectations day-in and day-out.

In an industry mired by disruptions from firms that come and go, Cascade is recognized as a stable and reliable force in the industry. The only thing Cascade does is IT Asset Disposition, so we're not distracted by other priorities and don't need to cover for other areas of the business. Our customers work directly with company executives and owners to make sure their needs are met.

At the same time, Cascade has been recognized as a highly professional, national leader, serving the highest demanding businesses and institutions in the country. We've been twice recognized as a Visionary on the Gartner ITAD Magic Quadrant for North America; have been awarded national contracts with GSA, the FDIC, and Premier, Inc.; and we're one of the oldest in the industry, having been in business since 1999.